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European Antennas develop base station antennas for Tele2 UK, to meet stringent electrical and mechanical specifications
Tele2 UK base station European Antennas Ltd has worked closely with Tele2 UK to develop and supply high gain, 120 degree sector base station antennas with 400MHz bandwidth.

Tele2 UK is a wireless data communication company that has recently launched a high speed service offering a low cost alternative to expensive ISDN and leased lines, benefiting business users or home-based employees transmitting large amounts of data. The service will eventually offer up to 2 Mbps. The Tele2 service uses the wireless local loop system, obviating the need for expensive land work by using radio-based links. WLL systems are already extensively used throughout many countries worldwide as an alternative to fixed wire systems.

European Antennas were set the challenge of developing high gain base station antennas operating in the 3GHz band with a 400MHz overall bandwidth. High gain was required in order to provide cell coverage, and therefore save the cost of the overall system. The project had to be within budget and meet an exact time scale.

To meet this stringent brief, European Antennas developed vertically and horizontally polarised antennas, overcoming the inherent problems of wide bandwidth, high gain and 120 degree beamwidth.

Rapid re-action to the Tele2 UK brief, from commencement of development through to pre-production, ensured deadlines for the project launch were met.

The new antennas are designed to conform to ETSI standards in azimuth and elevation radiation pattern envelopes and meet the requirements of Tele2 UK.

1998 - October

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