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New UMTS antennas available
Slim sector for UMTS, SA13-2050/496 European Antennas has designed, manufactured and delivered the first UMTS base station antennas for research, development and live field trials.

Model SA13-2050/496 is a slim panel sector antenna providing 12dBi gain across the UMTS designated band of 1920 to 2175MHz with a VSWR of 1.5:1.

Small and lightweight, the antennas are unobtrusive and discreet in appearance. They are easy to use in the lab or can be installed for field trials. Measuring 400x140x12mm deep, these antennas have a fully sealed, rugged co-polymer injection moulded radome.

With vertical polarisation ahd HPBW of 70 degrees azimuth by 20 degrees elevation, this antenna provides a practical advantage for the developers of UMTS systems. Further development projects are in hand for high gain and dual polar antennas to meet the demand of the UMTS market.


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