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4.4-5.0 GHz omni antenna for military communication frequencies
European Antennas has developed a medium gain, omni-directional antenna to cover military frequencies in the band 4.4 to 5.0GHz that could be used for data communication in convoys.

This tough antenna has a glass fibre radome and is mounted via an aluminium base flange. It is rugged enough for deployment on all types of vehicle or for fixed installations. Model VOA6-47/914 has 6dBi mean gain with very low azimuth ripple and with 20 degree elevation HPBW provides excellent all round coverage.

Being centre-fed, the VOA6-47/914 antenna is ground-plane independent so that performance is not compromised by different mounting locations or environments. The N-type connector allows low loss cables to be used if the antenna is to be mounted on a mast some distance away from the radio.

Measuring only 224 x 31mm diameter (8.84 x 1.24 inches diameter) and weighing 0.15kg, it has both low visual impact and low wind loading.

Omni antenna for 4.4-5.0GHz
Applications - Military
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2002 - August
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