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Inmarsat choose European Antennas to develop an antenna for remote use with their Regional BGAN solution
Remote antenna for Inmarsat RBGAN solution Inmarsat Limited, the Total Communications Network, is the world's leading provider of global mobile satellite communications. Working through a network of some of the world's largest telecommunication businesses they now provide a communication network to some 180 countries.

With business being carried out in more places around the world, and work patterns demanding fast, efficient electronic communication, all the time, everywhere, Inmarsat has developed the revolutionary new Regional BGAN solution (Broadband, Global Area Network) consisting of a lightweight satellite IP model to provide high-speed connectivity that runs at up to 144kbit/s via a secure shared channel, more than twice the speed of GPRS.

With Regional BGAN, connection to the Internet or LAN is just as easy as if the user was sitting at their desk, wherever they may be.

The Inmarsat Regional BGAN unit comprises the modem, radio and an integrated antenna in a compact, lightweight package. However, it is not always ideal to leave the Regional BGAN modem outside or unattended, for example in areas of civil unrest or wher the signal may be disrupted due to the local surroundings.  For these applications Inmarsat wanted to be able to provide a remote antenna that could be left in situ or easily relocated.

Inmarsat chose European Antennas to develop a high gain passive antenna that could be located outdoors. Satisfying Inmarsat with their faciliteis to test antennas under development through their on-site near field test facility, and with their modern production facility, European Antennas has developed and manufactured a Regional BGAN slim, flat panel antenna with mounting kit. The antenna, model FPA17-17RL/1020, measures only 700x400x12mm (27.5x15.7x0.5 inches).

High gain allows the antenna to overcome the losses of the cable that allows remote operation 10m from the external antenna. Polarisation can be easily changed from left hand to right hand circular. Axial ratio is better than 3dB on boresight.  The VSWR of the antenna system is better than 2:1 at any frequency.  The antenna operates with the temperature range -50 to +50 degrees Celsius in up to 95% relative humidity, and meets MIL-STD-810E standards for blowing rain.  The antenna will not degrade or have its performance affected by solar radiation, will work within specification with icing up to 25mm and is lightning protected.

Applications - Satellite
2003 - April

NOTE! This antenna has been superseded.
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