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New broadband antenna for use in cellular microcells - 3 frequencies in one housing
Omni antenna, XVO2V-8800-2200/1060 European Antennas has designed a new broadband antenna for use with cellular microcells covering the complete range for GSM900, GSM1800 and UMTS. Specified over the range 800MHz to 2200MHz, this omni directional antenna (model XPO2V-800-2200/1060) has useful performance outside these limits, unlike triband antennas that only cover individual cellular frequencies.

This antenna is just 221mm in length (approx 9 inches). It presents a broadband match to thte tranmitting equipment for best stability and intermodulation performance.

There are no restrictions on the services that may be connected to the antenna. For instance, it will carry a service at 1450-1550MHz (L-band DAB) that could be used for broadband data services in the future, as well as the three cellular bands - 900MHz, 1800MHz and 2000MHz. This will help operators reduce inventory and ensure that any installations made today are as future-proof as possible.

The antenna has an excellent omni-directional azimuth pattern with total ripple better than 1.5dB at any frequency. The antenna gain is nominally 1.5dBi.  The elevation pattern is stable with frequency and always points at the horizon, meaning that the gains quoted are real and will be achieved in practice. The design of the antenna is such that there is no need for a ground plane as the antenna employs a balanced construction and the performance will be maintained irrespective of the surface on which it is mounted.

Fitted with a rugged flange, this avoids having to use the antenna's connector for mounting that could cause internal stress.  The antenna is waterproofed fully, and may be mounted with the connector up or down.  It is supplied painted gloss white as standard, but may be painted to match an installation if local conditions demand that the antenna blend in to its surroundings.

As part of the European Antennas' engineering quality procedure, all antennas developed are measured in the company's indoor spherical near field test range. Measured data is held on file and can be processed to provide information in any 3D cut around the antenna as well as conventional azimuth and elevation dirctions. This information is essential in order to certify that installations meet non-ionising radiation standards for the protection of personnel who may have access to the area around the antenna.

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