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AIRDATA AG, Stuttgart, launch fast and portable Internet access using omni antennas and base stations designed by European Antennas. System and antennas compliant to ETSI standards, sanctioned by RegTP
AIRDATA base station AIRDATA AG offers a portable way of accessing the Internet using new 3G standards. The new Internet access has completed a successful trial and it is now possible to use the Internet wirelessly in almost every part of Stuttgart, at DSL speeds. Using a modem the size of a mobile phone, the system works in a similar way to WiFi but without the usage fees.

This has been made possible by a wireless local loop network built by AIRDATA that allows both voice and data transmission. The network uses a system that is based on worldwide harmonised 3G radio standards. Compared to wireless LAN, the network allows for much further coverage, creating 'hot-zones'. In addition, the user does not need subscriptions with multiple providers nor have to pay any additional usage fees that wireless LAN hotspots currently require. The AIRDATA network opens an attractive alternative to fixed line services.

Easy to install, the user just inserts the SIM card into the modem, connects the Portable DSL modem to the computer and enters the user name and password. There is no need to connect to a phone outlet and there is no additional hardware or software. The modem is approximately the size of a cordless phone.

For the base stations, AIRDATA used omni and sector antennas developed by European Antennas for installation throughout Stuttgart.

The omni antennas are ETSI compliant, with high gain and low azimuth ripple. Main beam is on horizon at all frequencies across the band. European Antennas uses an architecture that means that the antenna elements are fed in the centre of the array. This ensures that the main beam remains on the horizon at every frequency across a very wide bandwidth.

The sector antennas have dual slant polarisation (+/- 45°) over the full band of 2.5 to 2.7GHz and are compliant to ETSI EN301-525 Class CS standards, sanctioned by RegTP. The challenge in the development of this antenna was that it had to meet ETSI EN301-525 Class CS standards in order that RegTP approval could be granted for the entire system. (RegTP is the German equivalent of Ofcom, the UK communication industry regulator)

AIRDATA AG is a communications infrastructure provider. More information on the system and AIRDATA from www.airdata.ag.
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