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European Antennas Ltd has developed new, slim antennas with focused beam radiation pattern
for receiving and transmitting data within RFID scanners
RFID is a major wireless technology transforming the tracking of goods and assets in retail, commercial, industrial, military and health care industries that will help to increase security, improve operational efficiency and provide accurate costs.

The European Antennas engineering team has designed a range of focused beam scanning antennas for use in conjunction with RFID scanners. Frequencies are generally 433MHz or 868MHz and 915MHz for non-European installations.

The latest slim flat panel antennas has a tightly focused beam pattern provides good zone control for close monitoring of tagged articles to avoid picking up tag signals from either side, or above or below each scanner.

They are being used to monitor the traffic of assets through a restricted doorway. The reader had to measure the tag only as it passed through the entrance, ignoring tags either side, above or below.
Model number HDA-433/1283
This antenna has a range of 400 to 450MHz, linear horizontal polarisation and 5dBi gain. The antenna dimensions are 408mm x 273mm x 3mm, increasing to 18.3mm with spacers at the rear of the antenna. This antenna may be installed easily and inconspicuously.

Model number HDA-868/1296
An antenna operating at 915MHz, HDA-868/1296 also has linear horizontal polarisation and 4dBi gain. Dimensions for this slightly higher frequency antenna are 203mm x 136mm , and again, the antenna is extremely slim, just 1.6mm, with stand off spacers for ease of mounting.

Other RFID scanning antennas are being used for stock monitoring at a military depot, a hospital operating theatre, a cargo monitoring system and a road tolling exercise. The port cargo system enabled a tag to be read on an approaching container vehicle so that the correct crane and replacement container would be in place by the time the vehicle arrived at the depot.

The road tolling system had to ensure that each vehicle in each traffic lane had to be correctly identified to ensure accurate charging. The result that traffic speed was increased through toll booths.

About RFID systems

Applications for RFID include the tracking of valuable equipment, such as in hospitals, art galleries, transportation and plant, tracking the movement of containers, goods and parcels, control of goods in storage, warehouse and retail environments, accurate costing issues such as in road tolling or operating theatres, and the security and access of facilities.

Specifications for the reader, or scanner, of the various types of tags employed are dependent on location of both tag and reader, location of adjacent tags and readers, radio frequency, the value of the goods being monitored and the radiation pattern requirement.

There are three types of tags: passive tags that draw power from the reader and transmit data over a short distance, typically less than 3 metres; active tags that are powered, always on and have a long range of 100 metres; or semi-active tags that are often used to determine movement, used in security applications. The information is transmitted to a central system for analysis.

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