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Giga-tron Associates Limited

Head Office:
968 St Laurent Blvd
Ontario KIK 3B3

Email sales@gigatron.com

Phone 613 747 4114
In Canada 1-800 465 3518
Fax 613 747 3474

Offices in Calgary, Toronto,
Montreal, Vancouver

Giga-Tron Associates is a Canadian technical representative firm.

Giga-Tron specializes in servicing small to large companies and government agencies by supplying high performance electronic components, instruments and sub-systems in the frequency spectrum of DC to 110 GHz for their wireless communications needs.

Sometimes companies have trouble finding a suitable supplier to meet their requirements, with our technical background and experience; we differentiate ourselves by taking the time to understand the application, before we discuss solutions.

Our diverse experience includes: Antennas, Wireless Telemetry Systems for Tele-metering data or Video and Audio Surveillance, as well as some wireless Fibre Optic technologies.
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