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Hi-Tech Electronic Components BV
Hi-Tech Electronic Components BV
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Tel 00 31 3 4656 6024
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Since 1981 HI-Tech is active as intermediate on the RF and microwave market in Europe - with the emphasis on the Benelux - between Original Equipment Manufacturers and producers. Hi-Tech delivers high-quality (custom) components and Electronic Design Automation software, of various international top-brands. In addition Hi-Tech participates in the development and delegation of high-quality knowledge on RF- and microwave developments.

A team of about 10 specialists, advise customers in the designing and purchasing of specific high-tech electronical products and high-frequent EDA software. Through their years of experience HI-Tech offers expert knowledge. Their quick and efficient service enables you to focus optimally on your core-business.

To guarantee an optimal client-supplier relation HI-Tech gives priority to very open, complete and clear communication, continuous quality care and an excellent after-sales service. To ensure permanent satisfaction to all parties involved.
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