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Special Antenna Offer

MMDS Base Station Antenna

PRICE - £400 and downwards for volume purchases. Please contact us direct for full quotation.

We have stock available of a high quality, competitively priced, MMDS base station available for immediate shipment. For more details, please email sales@european-antennas.co.uk, quoting antenna reference number SA17-60-26-DS45-DT/1068



2.5GHz, Dual Slant, MMDS Base Station Sector
Conforms to ETSI EN 301 525 V1.1.1 Class CS
Frequency range 2.5 to 2.7GHz
Polarisation Dual Slant 45°
Gain 16.5 dBi
Half Power Beamwidth 64° azimuth by 6° elevation
MMDS Base Station Sector antenna SA17-60-26-DS45-DT/1068MMDS Base Station Sector antenna SA17-60-26-DS45-DT/1068

Azimuth pattern for MMDS Base Station Sector antenna SA17-60-26-DS45-DT/1068 MMDS Base Station Sector antenna SA17-60-26-DS45-DT/1068
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