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Antennas for RFID scanning and reading of active tags
RFID technology enables organisations to track goods and assets.
Hospitals can locate expensive equipment, or patients
Pharmaceutical companies can reduce counterfeiting
Logistics management is improved
The retail industry can tag pallets and cases
Mass transit, ski resort lift passes, car key fobs and security badges for building access will all benefit from RFID technology.


Access control for people - Secure access to the work place, hospital, safety, computer, trains, buses, leisure facilities
Access control for vehicle - Road tolling, fuel payment
Manufacture - Production lines, key component labelling
Logistics - Tracking location and movement of parcels, goods, assets and containers
Maintenance - Plant and equipment, fixed assets
Security - Tamper evidence, product authentication, anti-counterfeiting
Retail - Supply chain management, stock, availability
European Antennas specialise in high quality antennas used for scanning and reading tags with RFID systems.
RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)

A reader, or scanner, sends and receives RF (radio frequency) data to and from the tag, via antennas to a host computer.

An active tag is powered locally, is always-on and has a long range - 100+ metres.
Draw power from reader and transmits data over shorter distance, typically less than 3 metres.
Battery powered, operates when contacted by reader.

Port Cargo Monitoring System

To identify a tagged cargo load within a specific area European Antennas recommended a directional, narrow beam antenna.

The antenna provided a 40° beam pattern for sufficient isolation between the received signal of the target tag and the other tags within the area.
Asset Monitoring System

An ultra thin blade antenna measuring 350x250mm was mounted above a retricted doorway to monitor traffic of assets passing in and out of a building or controlled zone. The antenna had to avoid identifying other tags either side, above and below on other floors of the building therefore good beam shape was required.

A minimum 20dB isolation was achieved providing the required system performance .
Road tolling using 915MHz band

Every vehicle in each traffic lane had to be identified so that it could be charged the correct rate. The scanning antenna needed high isolation across traffic lanes

The specially developed antenna had a precise beam shape and low, strictly measured side lobes to restrict the signal. Traffic speed was increased through toll booths and lane to lane discrimination exceeded expectations.
Flat Panel antenna FPA15-916H/1159
6-way sector antenna, 3.5GHz Omni antenna mounted beneath helicopter
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