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Antennas for Security, Surveillance and Telemetry applications
Omni antenna mounted beneath helicopter High gain, circular omni antenna
Mounted beneath a helicopter, this high gain, circular polarised omni antenna in the 2.4GHz band alleviates the need for expensive airborne tracking systems.
Directional antennas with narrow beams to reduce the possibility of intercept
High gain sector antennas for point-to-mobile systems
High speed data or video links
Optimising system performance by selection of transmit and receive (fixed and mobile) antennas
Data transmission in real time for prompt, informed, decision-making
Outside broadcast - a range of different transmit antennas for direct mounting on video camera
High performance antennas for long distance links
Low gain, discreet designs for covert opertions
See the recent case study from Prodrive, featuring the World Rally Championship Subaru Impreza
6-way sector antenna, 3.5GHz 6-way circular polarised
This 6-way circular polarised, 3.5GHz switch sector antenna is used by police to track and receive video and telemetry from helicopters.
P4 Productions using low profile antennas on location Low profile antennas
P4 Productions use our low profile antennas for the most demanding of situations.
Telemetry application on race vehicles
Mobile data links
Low profile antennas can be mounted on superbikes or on race cars, ensuring continuous high speed telemetry links.
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