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Antennas for Microcell Mobile Telecommunication
For microcells, 800MHz to 2.2GHz.
Omni directional,
2dBi gain
and <1.5dB ripple
Broadband GSM1800/UMTS
Low profile, dual slant 45° sector with 6° electrical down tilt for maximum coverage.
Dipole antenna with magnetic roof mount for site monitoring
XPO2V-800-2200/1060 broadband omni antenna, 0.88 - 2.175GHz SA13-1940-DS45-DT6/0917 broadband sector antenna, 1.71 - 2.175GHz EVD2-2050/0932 rugged dipole antenna, 1.91 - 2.175GHz
Picocell or microcell base stations for repeaters or local coverage, such as motorway service areas, railway stations, shopping malls and sports venues, wherever there is high demand.
Broadband antennas can replace existing 1800MHz antennas to add UMTS operation to cells with minimum change to infrastructure.
Multi-band cellular/WiFi Hotspots/WLAN products are available.
Single band, dual band, tri band or broadband, for GSM900, GSM1800, PCS and UMTS/3G.
Omni directional and directional antennas with a variety of gains, polarisations and beam patterns.

Base station in shopping mall - low profile,
tri-band, with vertical polarisation and 6dBi gain
in each band, for excellent coverage.
Hidden, high up on the wall, a microcell base station antenna
Catalogue of Antennas for Microcell Mobile Telecommunication
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