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Antennas for FRA Fixed Radio Access applications
Base Station Antennas

FRA (Fixed Radio Access) also known as Broadband Wireless
Access or Wireless Local Loop

Broadband wireless Internet access, voice and data links

Supports high capacity connections across considerable distances.

Direct line of sight is not always necessary, especially with
COFDM modulation

CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) Antennas

Market demands are such that antennas of low cost
materials must be simple to manufacture by a third party,
anywhere in the world

CPE antennas can be developed to meet exact requirements

High specification, easy to assemble, bespoke designs for
integration into customer's equipment

Time to market - simple commercial arrangements for licensing
Sector antennas in city environment SA17-60-25-DS45-DT4/1068 dual slant base station antenna Fixed Radio Access base station Mount Grey in New Zealand after an ice storm FPA19-58V-701/474, flat panel antenna 5.625 - 5.825GHz
Sector combination
A combination of 60° sector antennas provides coverage for data communication within busy commercial environment. Sydney AUSTRALIA.
Specially designed base station
2.5 to 2.7GHz, 45° dual slant polarisation, 17dBi gain, 4° electrical down tilt. Meets ETSI standards
Wide range of FRA base stations
A project in Germany provides an alternative to fixed line and WiFi hotspots.
There are antennas under there...
An ice covered FRA Internet access base station.
Markets demand that CPE antennas must use low cost materials to allow manufacture anywhere in the world
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