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Antennas for Ground Satcoms and Space
High gain panel antenna
with 22dBiC gain
Rugged hemi omni antennas
Hemi omni antennas were used on data collection platforms and weather ships - withstands a hostile environment to provide meteorological data using a 402MHz satellite up-link via Meteosat.
Single element GPS antenna
for Medium Earth Orbit
For MEO (medium earth orbit - 10,000 to 15,000km), designed with air-space dielectric and outer conductive plates to reduce static build-up
Inmarsat partner
Work closely with Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd
Flat panel antennas replace crossed yagi antennas for MeteosatSpecial passive GPS antennas
Special passive GPS antennas
Panel antenna with high gain - 22dBiC, measuring 900x900mm replaces 1.2m dish
Flat panel antenna with 22dBiC gain, FPA21-16R/1127 Hemi omni antenna mounted on weather buoy - at the top of the picture Antenna under construction for satellite in medium earth orbit
Positioning Troll A
Possibly the biggest movable man-made structure, the Troll A platform Nadir antenna for UK-DMC satellite reflectometry experiment
Nadir antenna on the left, on UK-DMC satellite ready for launch
High gain flat panel antennas provide Inmarsat data links for differential GPS to position Troll A oil and gas production platform - one of the largest structures ever built. Designed for Surrey Satellite Technology. Photograph shows three DMC satellites mated to the Kosmos launch vehicle prior to take-off. UK-DMC satellite accommodates reflectometry experiment to measure sea state.
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