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Case Studies
2007 - January Blade antennas for Cranfield Aerospace for Boeing X-48B 'Blended Wing Body' prototypes
2006 - July Inmarsat, revised antenna for RBGAN system
2005 - July European Antennas body-worn antenna and Thales Soldier Modernisation Programme
2005 - January Airspan Networks choose our base station antennas for BCL, New Zealand
2004 - November Port of Felixstowe choose our antennas for new wireless LAN system
2004 - November Prodrive choose European Antennas to design blade antennas for Subaru Impreza World Rally Car
2004 - August AIRDATA AG, Stuttgart, launch fast and portable Internet access
2003 - November Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd choose us to design a nadir antenna
2003 - April Inmarsat choose European Antennas to develop remote antenna Regional BGAN solution
1998 - October European Antennas develop base station antennas for Tele2 UK
General information about European Antennas
European Antennas, formed in 1991, is part of Cobham Antennas, a division of Cobham plc.
Based in the UK, the company specialises in the design and manufacture of flat panel, sector, omni, dipole and helix antennas in the range 500MHz to 18GHz. Their antennas are used worldwide by military and commercial organisations for wireless LAN, broadband Internet access, cellular, telemetry, security, surveillance, outside broadcast and satellite communication systems.
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TELEPHONE: Head Office +44 (0)1638 731888 / Sales +44 (0)1638 732177 / Fax +44 (0)1638 731999
EMAIL sales@european-antennas.co.uk
For military applications EMAIL military@european-antennas.co.uk
For military applications in the USA only, EMAIL usmilitary@european-antennas.co.uk
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