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Delivering excellence in the design and manufacture of microwave antennas
European Antennas Ltd specialise in the design and development of high gain, printed circuit arrays, ultra wide-band directional antennas, multi-octave bicones and high gain collinear omni-directional antennas. Whilst we have a large back-catalogue of antenna designs, we are pleased to undertake specialist development projects.

The frequency range of our antennas is typically from 250MHz up to 40GHz, with specialist developments up to 40GHz. Communication industry awareness and expertise in antenna physics combine to ensure a close working partnership with customers.

From initial concept to finished production, our design and development service provides cost-effective and technically focussed solutions.

Expertise in laminates ensures optimum material will be chosen for reliability and performance. Contract developments or licenced designs can be undertaken for integration into radio units.

European Antennas Ltd is part of the Cobham Antennas Division of Cobham plc. Our company was founded in 1991 by our managing director, Brian Phillips. Cobham plc
Dual band, GSM900/1800
PSA, 0.8-2.5GHz, 4.5-8.0dBiC gain
LPA7, 2.1-2.5GHz, 7dBiC gain
Sector, 2.4-2.5GHz, 13dBiC gain
High frequency antenna
Tri-band omni antenna
Range of dipole antennas
Technically speaking
CST Microwave Studio(r) and other software is used to assist in the modelling of new antenna designs prior to their construction, to enhance accuracy and speed the development cycle. Our on-site spherical near field test facility ensures antenna developments meet their quoted specification, with full radiation data available. Our consultancy service can produce design solutions to a wide range of customers' needs. Designs can be substantiated with tested prototypes.
International agents
We are represented throughout the world and are constantly looking for new agents in territories that are currently not covered. Engineers should contact us direct if they cannot find a representative in their area. To look for your local agent go to European Antennas International Agents
Quality policy
Our production facility, development laboratory, spherical near field test facility and administration offices are all on one site in Cheveley, in Cambridgeshire, England, enabling us to keep tight control of our stringent quality procedures.

The business objective of European Antennas Ltd is to provide products and services of exceptional value to our customers by ensuring that their expectations are realised and that every endeavour is made to exceed them. To meet this objective, changes and improvements are continually implemented to manufacturing resources, processes and procedures via investment planning and training. European Antennas is an NQA ISO9001 registered company and a member of the WiMAX Forum.
ISO9001 UKAS accreditation ISO 9001 ANAB accredited USA ISO9001 accreditation for Europe
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