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We are specialists in the design and development of high accuracy microwave antennas

We design antennas for specific applications. Plus, we have over 1000 antenna designs in our catalogue that can customised to meet your individual radio specification. All antennas are tested throughout design and manufacture to meet their quoted specification.

If you cannot see what you want, our development engineering team can
design your antenna for you.

Contact Malcolm Ware, Steve Blades, Graham Weeks or Sonia Ewbank on
+44 (0) 1638 732177, or email sales@european-antennas.co.uk

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Antenna within anechoic chamber
On-site testing - spherical near field test facility
Temperature Cycling
This spherical near field test facility provides radiation pattern data to verify specifications comply with radiation pattern envelopes. The far field radiation pattern of the antenna can be calculated in any direction, in any polarisation (circular or linear) and at any angle. Operating within 1.5GHz to 40GHz, the chamber has a quiet zone for antennas up to 1.5m long whilst the turning stage permits antennas up to 130kg to be tested. The range will provide gain measurements as well as directivity. Gain measurements are traceable to international standards. Back projections can be performed on to a given plane within the measurement sphere. A holographic back projection on to the aperture of the antenna highlights material elements that could affect antenna performance and enables them to be resolved at the design stage. It is possible to determine the affects of coupling within a circuit that may cause amplitude phase corruption within an array or if there is unwanted radiation off the feed circuit.
This test facility is available for hire to measure and provide calibrated data.
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