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Antennas for military applications
Directional FLAT PANEL
OMNI antennas
Printed circuit phased array technology
7 to 32dBi gain
Beamwidths from 5 to 120 degrees
Circular, linear or dual polarisation
Conformal telemetry antenna 'wraps-around' missile
S-band antenna (2.3GHz, 20MHz bandwidth) developed to transmit telemetry data from missile. Has a brass ground-plane with thin, flexible circuits suspended on a low dielectric constant substrate 3mm thick. Circular polarisation with 360 degree coverage and wide elevation beamwidth.
X-band, vertically polarised antenna for Doppler radar system
Developed to withstand a high level of shock plus low profile for ease of deployment. The technical solution was a flat panel, printed circuit antenna. This antenna measures only 374x374x11mm and has over 27dBi gain.
WAA1-2355R/1008 wrap-around antenna FPA-105V/906 X-band flat panel antenna
BROADBAND antennas
Ground based
Air borne
Broad bandwidth data links
Target drones
Spectrum monitoring
Broadband antenna, high frequency - 6GHz to 18GHz planar spiral antenna, just 2cm (one inch) in diameter Broadband antenna combats signal disruption in tunnels
PSA0818L/1045 planar spiral antenna Broadband antenna can be mounted in tunnels
Collinears up to 11dBi gain
2dBi gain multi-octave bicones
Excellent azimuth ripples
Circular polarised omnis
Customised elevation beam patterns
Omni antenna for Link16 applications
Extended performance omni antenna for Link16 ground-based applications (JTRS, MIDS, JTIDS)
With 7dBi gain, nearly double the range of a system that is constrained by output power.
(Link16 is a NATO designated standard.)
Antenna Reference: XVO7-960-1215/1120
NATO Stock Number: 5985-99-758-6585
Designed for Link 16 applications, this extended performance omni antenna can be incorporated in to MIDS (Multifunctional Information Distribution System), JTRS (Joint Tactical Radio System) and JTIDS (Joint Tactical Information Distribution System) for high data rate transmission. Further specification adjustment will be incorporated as system developments progress.
High gain, circular polarised omni alleviates the need for expensive airborne tracking systems
Stows away underneath a helicopter and is used for security, surveillance and video links by police and security services.
Ku-band circular polarised omni antenna for UAV
Circular polarised omni antenna for a Ku-band (16GHz) UAV with 2-4dBiC gain, circular polarisation, with elevation HPBW of 30 to 60 degrees and electrical down-tilt to optimise coverage
Circular polarised omni can be mounted under helicopter RCO3-149/1062 Ku-band omni antenna
Triple element omni for S-band telemetry receive station
This antenna was required to receive telemetry data from aircraft within a 200km radius and from 5,000 to 50,000 feet. With limited space available we designed this omni-directional, single structure, triple antenna.
Omni antenna for 4.4-5.0GHz Wireless LAN
To distribute data through wireless LAN system when deployed on vehicles or fixed installations, this antenna has 6dBi gain, low azimuth ripple and a sealed, rugged, glass fibre radome.
Triple element omni antenna patterns VOA6-47/914 omni antenna can be vehicle mounted
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