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Planar spiral antennas
Multi-octave coverage is achieved from these compact cavity backed planar spiral antennas within the frequency
range 500MHz to 18GHz. Broadband antennas provide an efficient solution for transmission of simultaneous, multiple
communications. They can be used in restricted areas, where space is at a premium. A multiple array of broadband planar
Spiral antennas can provide 360o hemispherical coverage for live video links.
Planar spiral broadband antenna
Relative sizes of planar spiral antennas. Spiral antennas with
2 to 18GHz frequency measure approximately 20mm diameter
Frequencies within 400MHz to 20GHz
Gain from 2dBiC to 7dBiC across the band
Right or left hand circular polarisations
Multi octave bandwidths
HPBW typically 55° to 80°
VSWR 2:1 or better across the band
Multi-octave band omni antennas
These biconical omnis are fully efficient broad band antennas covering 1 to 2 octaves.
Compare the relative sizes of multi-octave band antennas at different frequencies Broadband omni antenna
Up to 2 octaves, within the range 150MHz to 4GHz
1-2dBi gain across the band
Fully efficient, vertically polarised biconical design for higher power rating
Balanced design eliminates the need for a ground plane
Maximum VSWR 2.5:1 across band
Rugged, with glass fibre radomes
Elevation HPBW typically 60° to 80°
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