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Directional Antennas - Flat Panel Antennas (FPA)
Low Profile Antennas (LPA), technical information
Flat panel antennas are directional, and can be designed to meet challenging specifications.
They have high gain, up to 32dBi.
Flat panel and low profile antennas are directional - they provide a narrow beam coverage in one direction.
Polarisation can be circular, linear or dual.
More efficient than an equivalent dish, and lower sidelobes than helices.
Medium and high gain, from 10dBi to 23dBi. Gain of up to 32dBi has been achieved for special development projects.
Frequency range from 250MHz to 18GHz with bandwidths from 6% to 15%.
Designs are slim and environmentally discreet, smaller than an equivalent horn.
High isolation dual polar designs
Customised low cost integrated antennas
Low profile, rugged housing for harsh environments
Low profile antennas feature the same benefits as flat panel antennas, but always have 7dBi gain and a 70° by 70° HPBW
Radiation pattern for flat panel antenna demonstrating gain
Gain/Radiation pattern:
The energy is squeezed equally from vertical and horizontal sides.
Low profile antenna Flat panel with 26dBi gain Flat panel antenna with 21dBi gain
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