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OMNI ANTENNAS technical information
For omni directional coverage
Rugged dipole antenna Slim flexible dipole antennas Vertically polarised omni 4,7GHz, 6dbi gain
Dipoles are balanced and independent of ground plane
Bandwidths up to 8%, although designs up to 20% are possible with a maximum VSWR 2:1
Finished in abrasion resistant, rubberised coating.
Blade antenna (SBA) Selection of dipole antennas Blade antenna (SBA)
Frequency range 300MHz to 12GHz, gain typically 2dBi with elevation HPBW 80°
Primary application - 360° omni directional coverage in the horizontal plane
Suitable for rugged environments, slimline dipoles are flexible, rugged dipoles have rigid glass fibre radomes.
Blade antennas suitable where a 2mm thick fully efficient antenna is needed and can be housed in protective radomes.
EVD2 Rugged dipole SVD2 Slim flexible dipole SBA Short blade

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dOMNI ANTENNAS, vertically polarised, horizonally polarised, extended performance
Radiation pattern:
For an omni antenna, energy is squeezed from top and bottom only, resultring in a 'bulge' on the horizon.
Vertically polarised omni 3.8GHz, 4dBi gain
Centre fed to ensure peak gain remains on the horizon at all frequencies to provide stable, ground-plane independent radiation patterns
Frequencies up to 18GHz, gain measurements up to 11dBi
Lightweight, with full environmental protection using rugged, glass fibre radomes and aluminium spigots
Multiple omni antennas in single structure for high isolation
XVO models have corporate feed structure to provide wider bandwidth and other critical features such as null-fill, electrical downtilt and side lobe suppression
XHO models have horizontal polarisation
VOA Omni with
vertical polarisation
XVO Omni with
extended performance
XHO Omni with
horizontal polarisation
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dOMNI ANTENNAS, circular polarised
Omni directional antennas have peak gain in the azimuth plane, whereas hemi omnis have peak gain overhead.
RCO models have circular polarisation
HOA hemi omni antennas
Designs for helicopter and UAV applications
Circular polarisation Circular polarisation
Frequencies up to 18GHz.
Left or right hand circular polarisation, gain from 2dBiC to 18dBiC
Bandwidths up to 15%
RCO Omni with circular polarisation HOA hemi omni
Right hand circular omni with 3dBi gain
eOMNI ANTENNAS, vertically polarised, broadband
Vertical polarisation XPO omni with 2dBi gain and vertical polarisation
Vertical polarisation XPO Omi
Fully efficient, vertically polarised biconical design for higher power rating.
Range 150MHz to 4GHz, up to 2 octaves, gain 1-2dBi across the band
Maximum VSWR 2.5:1 across band, elevation HPBW 60° to 80°
Balanced design elminates the need for a ground plane
Rugged glass fibre radomes
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