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Radiation pattern:
Energy is squeezed more vertically than horizontally, providing wide coverage in the horizontal plain and narrow in vertical plain.
Hexagonal multi sector Slim sector with 16dBi gain
Primary application - area coverage, 20° to 180° sectors but with narrow vertical coverage. Multi-sector arrays provide high gain and wide area coverage.
30°, 45°, 60°, 90°, 120°, 180°
Frequency range for sectors is 800MHz to 18GHz.
Our sectors antennas are often used as indoor antennas for picocell or microcell applications in high density areas.
Gains range up to 20dBi, dependent on beamwidth.
Radiation patterns - elevation patterns can be designed with null-fill, electrical downtilt and sidelobe suppression
Vertical, horizontal, circular and dual polarisation available
An example of azimuth and elevation radiation pattern compliance

Azimuth and elevation radiation patterns showing compliance with the technically demanding requirements of an ETSI Point-to-Multipoint specification. EN 302-085 v1.1.2 patterns illustrated are for a 5.8GHz, 120° sector with 16dBi peak gain and elevation HPBW of 8°.
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